They seem to require money up front for "membership" ? Why should YOU pay to take surveys online ? Read their FAQ - full of typos and mistakes - not very professional.
Don't know first hand if these schemes are legit, but I would steer clear of schemes that require you to pay something with no guarantee of income for the work you put in......
And I reeeeeeeealllly hate sites that tell you you are required to pay something and don't tell you how much until step 3 or higher in the registration process ... whats the frikkin secret ?



I don't know "homesurveyworkers", but I do know this: if you want to do paid online surveys, you can do so by joining survey sites directly, for free. Some Googling will reveal dozens. See Ipsos, Harris, etc., and various free survey "hubs". I tried some a couple of years back. They were all perfectly legitimate, but the catch, if there is one, is that you'd have be doing surveys morning, noon and night to make any real money. Having seen how these sites operate, I find it very hard to believe the $1,000/day claim from "homesurveyworkers". It's also worth noting that if you're outside the U.S., many of the surveys are not available to you.